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ECT-Enterprise Consultants Technology,  Introduce Finger Print Time Management System ....INVERTA  Assets Management System introduced in Saudi Arabian Market.....Production Tracking System Launched in Saudi Arabia.....Laundry Management System installed Sucessfully.....
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New Version of Finger Print Time Management System is Launched 
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 User Friendly and  & Hi tech Solution

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:::  Time Attendance Management System  :::

We all know that no two Fingerprints in the world possess exact same characteristics; we are using the fingerprints or the retina scan to identify the employee in your company to mark the Attendance and time. During the registration process, various employee data, i.e., Name, Address, [Employee #] etc. is entered into the database of the persons record. The person then places a finger on the scanner

By placing the user's Finger on the sensor, in less than one second, the Fingerprint reader verify the person's identity. As no two Fingerprint feature the exact same characteristics, Fingerprint Reader assures your company fraud and error free data collection and integration as well as payroll accuracy.

From that point on, to "punch in" or "punch out", the individual simply places his or her finger on the scanner for recognition. The owner/employer/etc. can then filter the data to generate customized reports of a single employee, several employees, over any time period, etc.With our payroll software called ABBACUS,you can generate various reports, which can help you to conclude for the right decisions at the right time.

Features and Functions of Automated Time and Attendance & ABBACUS (Payroll Software)

Designed, Created and Supported by EC Technologies

ABBACUS, Payroll & Time Sheet software provided by EC Technologies

Support for Unlimited Employees and Multiple Offices

Multi-user / Concurrent Access

Full Control of Pay Periods and Pay Policies, including Multiple Policy Support

Broad Terminal Environment Support (Ethernet, Serial, Modem Etc.)

Streamlines time recording, attendance and labor tracking functions.

Providing a proof of employee attendance and audit for physical access.

Obtains precise payroll, and time and attendance.

Obtains payroll on daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Providing employee management system.

Eliminates manual data entry errors.

Eliminates need of dedicated attendance tracking person.

Stop losses due to payroll fraud. 

Multi-user / Concurrent Data Access: Whether you need regular concurrent users or just occasional review and overview of the information, you will appreciate that ABBACUS effectively handles all necessary record locking and controls. Additionally, users can work in different Offices, same Offices or switch in and out as desired. Supervisors will be pleased to know that access can be controlled through department level "Authorized" or "Restricted" controls.

Support of Multiple Employees: ABBACUS can create and support multiple employees types like Full time employees, Temporary Employees or Non-Worked Hours employees. Create employee rosters and organize them by Name, ID, Department or Shift. Assign home department, rates, shifts, schedule (optional), pay policies or holiday group. Create report based on any groups.

Leave Details: Beyond Time Tracking, ABBACUS also supports Paid Time Off such as Sick pay, Holidays, Vacation pay and Personal Time and more. Company can specify the leave for each of the employees or group of employees.

Total Control of Pay Periods and Pay Policies: Select from Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly or Custom pay period lengths. Pay periods can start on any day of the week or month you desire. ABBACUS is designed to give you the freedom you want and need.

If your organization needs multiple pay policies for different employees or groups of employees, ABBACUS makes it easy to implement your policies.

Pay Policies / Overtime Rules can be configured to your own needs as well. ABBACUS supports different concurrent overtime rules (such as a Daily Rule, a Weekly Rule) and simultaneously considers rules for consecutive days worked, weekend or special day criteria and holiday premiums. Employees can have different Pay Policies either individually or as groups.

Comprehensive Reporting Reduces Your Workload: From the Time Attendance System there will generate a standard Text File report of the In time /Out time. With the help of ABBACUS,you will be able to upload that text file and will be able to generate your required reports. Standard reports built into ABBACUS provide comprehensive information that is relevant to you and your operation. Reporting is organized into groups for easier control. Time Reports provide extensive information regarding worked time, non-worked time and monetary adjustments. Attendance and Management reporting provide details of importance to management personnel.

More Than Simple Time Transactions: Your needs may be well beyond simple IN/OUT transaction calculations. For this reason, ABBACUS can record and report Break Times, Lunch Times in addition to the basic IN and OUT punches that we all need.

Easy to use Enrollment Module: Simply select the finger and place your finger on the Fingerprint Sensor. You are enrolled within second. Multiple options for enrollment are available. Any user can be enrolled at any of the terminals or any of the client machines, or at the server.

The Default Output of Export to Payroll Utility is as follows:

Field Name

Field Type

Emp ID

Number/ ID

Attend date


In Time


Out Time


Total Hrs Worked


Shift ID




Administration Administrator system functions include system configuration, business rule building and assigning/adding employees, departments and timekeeping groups.

Features of ABACUS

Company Rules 

Setup Departments 

Setup Report Rules

Setup Employees

Setup Designations

Setup Holiday Groups

Setup holiday list 

Archive Facility

Setup In-Out/Lunch/Break Time

Setup Employee Types

Setup Company Details

Setup Shifts/Duration

Setup Day/Time Policy

Report Generation You will have easy access to printed attendance reports, which will spot employees who consistently punch in late, punch out early, or take extended lunches and breaks. Your employees wont be over paid because you can round their punches back to the assigned time or dock their time if necessary. All of this will occur automatically, you just setup these policies in the beginning and ABACUS will implement them accurately and consistently every time.

Types of Reports from ABACUS

Total Hours Worked Report

Absentees Report

Late Tardiness Report

Present Report

Overtime Report

Early-Out Report

In-Out report

Total Hours Missed Report

Lunch In-Out Report

Who is IN Report

Who is OUT Report

Estimated Payroll Report

Monthly Summary Report

Pay Policy Summary

Pay Rates Summary

Other than the Time Sheet Management, we also have a really Comprehensive and Full Fledge Payroll Management which can be integrated with the Time System.

A Full Fledge Payroll Software, which includes all the expiry dates, for eg:Iqama renew date, Driving license, Passport and all kinds Identity cards(Aramco,Sabic,etc)

Further Information about the software:

* Employees details
* Multi-Shifts
* Advances
* Leaves
* Attendance
* Payroll Processing
* Monthly Reports
* Advances Summary
* Leaves Report
* Summary Pay sheet
* Vacation & End of Services
* Employee Based Reports
* Payroll Back up
* Payroll Restore

Please feel free to contact us for further information and any queries and we will be glad to be at your service any time needed.

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